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Getting to Bali

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Flights to Bali

map of southeast asia

Flights to Bali from Europe can be booked e.g. from Frankfurt with Lufthansa via Singapore, Thai Airways via Bangkok, Singapore Airlines via Singapore or Cathay Pacific via Hongkong. KLM offers direct flights to Denpasar from Amsterdam.

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An interesting option could be to book a flight to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hongkong or Singapore, and use a southeast asian airline to get to Bali after some days of visiting these cities. Lowcost airlines like Airasia or Lionair offer cheap flights to Bali.

Low cost airlines operate also from many cities in Australia or China to Bali: Jetstar Airlines, Airasia or Tigerair.

Visa regulations

Bali can be visited by visa on arrival. Up to 30 days no visa is needed. Tourists will get a visa-on-arrival formular to be filled out in advance in the plane. When arriving in the airport building, the fee of 35 USD must be paid first, before immigration is possible. The visa fee can be paid in other currencies as well. The visa-on-arrival is free of charge for some countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, GB, France, Italy, Poland, Netherlands) for a period of stay up to 15 days.

Before leaving Bali, every tourist is forced to pay an additional fee of 200.000 IR. This money should be paid in Rupiah, since the counter can not accept or change other currencies.

Currency exchange

Exchange rates at the airport are not as good as rates in official counters in Kuta, Seminyak or Ubud for example. The taxi to the hotel can also be paid in other currencies like dollar or euro. In cities like Kuta, there are many currency exchange traders, some with very bad rates and some with unfair or criminal behavior. We recommend to change money in official counters or banks.

Taxi from the airport

When leaving the arrival hall in the airport, turn left and find the official taxi counter in 200m distance. There you get a ticket for a taxi. that will drive you to your hotel. The taxi fee has to be paid dierectly to the driver. To Kuta, the price is 60-70.000 IR, to Ubud appr. 450.000 IR.

Bali Bali Bali Bali Bali Bali

Weather and climate

The climate in Bali is tropical with year-round temperatures 31-32 degrees during the day and just over 20 degrees in the early morning hours. The southeast monsoon dominates the weather on the holiday island. In the summer months it blows dry air masses from the Australian continent to the north, so that the rainfall from May to November are very low, and apply these months as the best travel time. Bali is so then ideal for a sun holiday when otherwise rainy season in Southeast Asia. In contrast, the winter months are much more humid and cloudy.

The weather in Bali is mostly sunny even in the winter months. The sun shines an average of 7-8 hours a day. During the rainy season from December to April can also be cloudy days . Rain, however, is mostly limited to a few hours a day. However, it can also be very windy. From May to November is hard to deal with rain (of course there are exceptions in some years). It is consistently very warm, and the evenings and nights are warm and tepid. The sea warms to about 30 degrees.

In the central area around the volcanic mountains, it may have more clouds and rain. Again, the temperatures drop with increasing altitude. Most of the rain falls south of the mountains, where intensive irrigated rice is cultivated, and where Bali is particularly green.

climate Bali

some words in Indonesian


  • time zone: GMT plus 8 hours
  • mobile phone: possible almost everywhere
  • electricity: 110 to 240 Volt, 50 Hertz; US-, Euro- and Schuko possible
  • wifi: available in hotels and most restaurants
  • vaccination: not mandatory
  • ATM and banks available in all towns
  • medical care: hospital and pharmacies in Kuta, Denpasar, Ubud, Singaraya

Bali tropical-travel-photos

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